Restaurant De Utrechtsedwarstafel Utrechtsedwarsstraat 107-109, 1017 WD Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Within strolling distance from Theatre Carré there is the stage of Hans Verbeek and Igor Sens, the two culinary artists from restaurant Utrechtsedwarstafel.

Their performance is a ballet of wine and food. Indulge yourself with the culinary compositions by Igor the Chef and the wines of Sommelier Hans. This is the best restaurant dining experience in Amsterdam. An adventurous evening awaits.


The interior of Utrechtsedwarstafel has a warm informal atmosphere. Rare and valuable wines fill the intimate space. A rillette of duck awaits as a small welcome starter once you are seated in the restaurant.

The menu is served by Hans and Igor who will tell you with passion about their dishes and wines.

The restaurant hosts a maximum of 40 guests, but smaller more exclusive parties are given an opportunity to claim the restaurant for the Private Dining concept that will guarantee you the maximum attention of the hosts.


The concept of Utrechtsedwarstafel is simple: a complete own style of combining wine and food. Igor purchases the freshest produce of the season and subsequently composes fine delicate dishes for a multiple course menu. Just mention the number of courses you wish to eat.

For every menu Hans creates the perfect wine experience. Every course is accompanied by the right match of wine. However, the arrangements vary with respect to the complexity and quality.

There is no leading role for food or wine. This characterizes the joint effort of Hans and Igor. The bare essence of Utrechtsedwarstafel is that every course is a fertile marriage of wine and food. Its fruits bear your palate a sheer joy.

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Opening Hours
  • Wednesday - Saturday 19:00 - 23:00
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